“At Unir Global Traders, you are like a big family to us, and we take care of our family with great responsibility and dignity.”

Respecting the privacy of our customers has always been a core value within us; at Unir Global Traders, we believe that our customers deserve all the fundamental rights with utmost transparency. Hence, with our privacy policy, we would like you to know how we operate with the details you provide while you enjoy the best quality of nuts, dry fruits and spices from all over the region through our website

  • As you visit and register on our website , your information may get collected like your name, age, gender, occupation, email address, phone number, postal code, and such other pieces of information, to tailor a better-personalized experience for you.

  • Unir Global Traders never rents or sells your personal information for financial purposes and will never provide your personally identifiable information to third parties.

  • We may share your personal information in certain exceptional circumstances in which it is required by the law to share your information, we believe sharing in some instances like identifying fraud, responding to a search warrant, or other valid legal inquiry can help, protect and secure our customers and associates, ensuring their health and financial safety.

  • Also, Unir Global Traders will not be liable to any information or data you provide to External businesses or any website or ad linked to

  • We provide you the right to use your data, and if you do not want Unir Global Traders to have access to your information, upon your request, we will dispose of all your data from our database following our legal procedures.

  • Unir Global Traders reserves the right to make changes or update this policy at any given time, and all such changes will be on our site.